Seitokai Yakuindomo* Episode #06

Today’s guests may remind you of the 6th Episode from Season 1. You know them as “Triple Booking” who did the opening theme for both seasons, plus the OVAs.

In fact, this episode marks Shino’s debut as an idol, minus Aria and Suzu of course!

Oh, and here’s Shino interacting with the idol trio from the mangaka’s previous work “Idol no Akahon”. Y’know, GoHands should make a short OVA series about it.

Sadly, it was all but a dream. In fact, she didn’t want to become an idol in the first place since Shino is the student council president. Heck, she’s too vulgar to become one, right?

On the other hand, there’s the Judo Club. But they have to take a break on their tournament ambitions for a self-defense demonstration as seen here. Sorry Tsuda, but hang in there!

Of course, not all of people can do it for various reasons. Sorry Igarashi-san, but hang in there even though you’re getting hives over a guy!

Anyways, it seems that the Judo Club will be on the tournament in the future. Then again, they’ll just do it off-screen! Oh, and Igarashi’s androphobia won’t be cured anytime soon…

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