Tokyo Ravens Episode #18

Oh look, it’s loli Kyouko confessing to Harutora about their childhood promise. But then again, there’s no way Hurrtora will remember that!

Oh wait, he remembered it just about now… Well, it’s gonna be a sleepless night for Harutora!

Anyway, it seems that the Kurahashi clan (sans Kyouko) are on the move, and it looks like they stole the Raven’s Coat from the Tsuchimikado clan. I have to say that it escalated quickly, but damn they’re doing anything for Yakou-sama!

On the other hand, it’s Douman and he’s back as a little kid! Well, he has a heart of a child to begin with, but damn I’m surprised to see him back! Although I don’t like his guts for tricking poor Tenma and almost destroyed their Onmyouji Academy.

Now then, on to the next episode… and for some reason, Takiko is back and she’s planning to ruin Harutora’s summer vacation!

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