Winter 2013: The rest of the field… 2nd Half!

This post is brought you by Mrs. Rinko Iori, cosplaying as Murrue Ramius! Well, it’s a given that Kotono Mitsuishi voiced both characters. Of course, she’ll return voicing Usagi Tsukino as Sailor Moon in the future only if Toei Animation get a hold of themselves together on the remake/reboot.

Anyways, it’s the halfway point on some of the anime shows that I’m currently watching right now, but have no time blogging it.

01. Nagi no Asukara

Let’s start with NagiAsu where Hikari’s best friends Kaname and Manaka are starting to return to the spotlight. While the former woke up without a hitch, the latter got herself tangled by the God of the Sea before being saved by Hikari and his friends. Oh yeah, and the reason how they saved Manaka? Well it was all thanks to Miuna, who gained the ability to breathe in water while also lead both Hikari and Kaname to Shioshishio and back.

Regarding Manaka, she is losing her Ena, meaning that she can no longer breathe in water. Has the God of the Sea being tired of accepting wooden maidens? Well, it’s a possibility. Of course, it won’t be long that it will be enraged now that Manaka has been taken away.

02. Silver Spoon

Next up is Silver Spoon. I have to say that Hachiken is getting more awesome as time passed. I mean, he made a no-miss run with his horse Maron at an equestrian event (although he got 4th place afterwards), and he organized two attractions for the school festival: One for the equestrian club, and two for his class.

Then again, I think he’s over-exerting himself. C’mon, juggling his responsibilities perfectly between his club and his class is going to shorten his lifespan, which is why he fainted at the end of Episode 16 (or Season 2 Ep. 5). “You’re gonna carry that weight!”

03. Gundam Build Fighters

And lastly, it’s Gundam Build Fighters where after losing once thanks to Chairman Mashita’s meddling, Sei Iori and Reiji have recovered from their loss and their inching closer to the championship.

While the fight against Ricardo Fellini is the best despite ending up in a draw, Sei/Reiji battling against Mao is over-the-top. Even though Mao lost the match, at least he’s still friends with the main duo and continue to support them. Oh yeah, and while Master Kawaguchi’s performance against the Renato brothers is “amazing”, I think the ending for this Gundam series will have some aspects from G Gundam, except for the Devil/Dark Gundam part.

Anyways, Winter is coming to a close so enjoy watching the anime shows, especially Gundam Build Fighters. Speaking of Gundam, when will they release the Gundam: The Origin anime? Please don’t delay it, it’s your year after all!

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