Golden Time Episode #18

Kouko, I think you should perform that on Nana-sempai’s concert! It’s gonna be electrifying!

Anyway, Banri has returned to his hometown of Shizuoka for a class reunion. Yeah, it should be fun since he’s going to try remembering his former classmates!

Oh yeah, that big guy over there happened to be Linda’s brother. Sure that he’s happy, but man he got NTR’d by his fiance back then. Losing your virginity to a slut is no-good!

On the other hand, it seems that Banri’s memories are starting to recover. Unfortunately, his protective charm got broke, meaning that his relationship with Kouko won’t last and will end abruptly. Oh boy, you sure cursed him much, Ghost Banri!

Now then, it’s on to the next episode, but damn this won’t end well in Golden Time!

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