Magical Warfare Episode #06

Today’s episode is an action-packed thriller… Unfortunately, it’s filled with drama encapsulating every single gap on this episode of Magical Warfare.

Oh look, it’s those two former Trailers from Episode 1. Instead of being integrated within the Brace’s ranks, they’ll just throw them back to the Trailers in exchange for Mui’s brother.

Sorry Takao Oigami, but you’ll be missed!

Anyways, this episode started off with Momo-tan taking on Kippei Washizu from the Ghost Trailers.

I have to say that they have a long history together as both junior and senior before Kippei sided with the Trailers, not to mention that he’s suspected to have lolicon tendencies as Kippei trying to dissolve Momoka’s clothing. Seriously Kippei, you such a sick bastard!

In the end, Momo-tan won the battle but unfortunately Kippei can’t be killed easily with just dimensional manipulation alone. Sure, her Graphite Spear is awesome, but you can’t draw Kippei to his doom in a snap!

On the other hand, Mui’s battle with her brother (with the help from Takeshi and Kazumi) is filled with drama that it’s not as awesome as with previous battles.

Good thing that Mui got her brother back after the battle, but I doubt about Tsuganashi’s loyalty with his little sister. I’m thinking that it was a trap set by the Ghost Trailers.

Anyways, it’s on to the next episode… But as for the Trailers, they have their replacement in the form of Gekkou. Oh, and their leader Kazuma Ryuusenji is going to wake up soon.

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