Sakura Trick Episode #06

What can I say… If there’s a will for Haruka and Yuu-chan to have a child of their own, there’s a way for it to happen! Just a TV Trope away and they’re good to go!

Of course, it’s all just in Haruka’s head! Seriously, you’re being too obvious that you’re in love with Yuu-chan on this Valentine’s Day/School Festival episode!

Meanwhile, I haven’t seen Kotone interacting Shizuku for a long time after Ep. 2. I have to say that seeing both of them together is so sweet!

Even though it’s short, at least Studio DEEN is aware that there’s another yuri couple on this show. Now, if only Yuzu is romantically paired up with Kaede…

But anyways, it’s a good school festival episode. BTW, it would be nice if Houkago Tea Time is making a cameo appearance performing on their school…

Then again, even though they have the same publisher, Kyoto Animation won’t let Studio DEEN get their hands on K-On! girls.

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