Kill La Kill Episode #18

See, I told you that Ragyo is alive! There’s no way she would die like that!

And now, it’s the continuation of Satsuki’s rebellion against her own mother and the Life Fibers. Of course, it’s not gonna be smooth sailing for her uprising…

In fact, there’s Nui Harime joining the fray and sweeping everyone, including Satsuki’s “newly-improved” Elite Four! A good effort, but you can’t beat Nui that easily…

…until Ryuko throw her smile and confidence away now that she and Senketsu are finally fighting as one! “Don’t lose your way, Ryuko!”

As for Satsuki, she finally beheaded her mother with a single slash. Just hoping that she’s finally dead!

Oh wait, I guess Ragyo isn’t dead. Oh, and she beat her daughter to a pulp and stole Junketsu away! Talk about “purity” symbolism there since you molested Satsuki way back in Ep. 16, Ragyo?

Anyways, it looks like Satsuki’s rebellion is over, leaving her into a lifeless and soiled shell of her former self. Satsuki is technically pure, but I leave that to you!

But wait, there’s more to that as this episode reveals that Ryuko is actually Ragyo’s long-lost daughter, who thought that she died during a Life Fiber-embedding experiment. Really Studio Trigger, that reveal truly caught me off-guard!

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