No-Rin Episode #06

Well, it seems that the fourth member of the Elite Four has finally revealed. Her name is Torao “Money” Kanegami, and as you may know for her nickname, it’s all about making profit by any means! Heck, her scheme has caused more trouble in No-Rin High School than any of the Elite Four.

Selling moe eggs for otakus along with BL-laden mushroom for fujoshis? Yeah, she can do that and get suspended for three weeks! Now I’m pretty convinced that Torao is the most dangerous member of the Elite Four next to “Bio” Suzuki.

Despite being a manipulative and greedy bastard, Torao is not doing it for money alone. In fact, she likes to teach her conspirators that there’s more than just earning money. Yeah, I think I like how she rolls but damn “Money” Kanegami is still dangerous.

Anyways, on to the next episode… And BTW, it’s confirmed that Kochou “Boin” Yoshida is part of the Elite Four. Wait, so that means it’s gonna be the Elite Five then!

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