Strike the Blood Episode #18

Y’know Vatler, you sure want Kojou to get laid! Oh wait, it seems that his hostages wants to have Kojou’s babies!

Anyway, Natsuki-chan and Asagi are a-okay inside Vatler’s personal yacht. Then again, Vatler is using them to lure enemies because he’s always bored! And BTW, Asagi returns to her workplace afterwards since she doesn’t want to get involved in Vatler’s games.

Meanwhile, Natsuki-chan is starting to regain her memories via backup. Wait, is Natsuki a robot or something? But hey, at least she’s cute doing magical girl poses!

Still, regaining her own magic is a long way to go…

On the other hand, Aya Tokoyogi’s Dark Oath Grimoire experiment has finally commenced and all of the magic (including Kojou’s) are being sucked away!

Oh, and she captured both Yukina and Natsuki-chan for good measure. You know what, Aya has gone cuckoo for her experiment!

I’m hoping that it will end it on the next episode. However, it’s gonna be a question of how Kojou and Sayaka will stop Aya and her experiment. BTW, it seems that Yuuma has gone out of her sick bed, hunting her mother down.

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