Wake Up, Girls! Episode #06

This is Tasuku Hayasaka, a renowned music producer who is responsible for most of the I-1 Club songs as well as international compositions. Some say that he’s doing it for passion, not for financial gain.

BTW, this guy is a blend of Tsunku and Tetsuya Komuro, except that he’s more of a jerkass side! I hope President Tange and Matsuda-san won’t regret on picking this guy.

But regardless, he’s pushing WUG harder to greater heights, enough to challenge the biggest idol group in Japan.

Then again, Hayasaka’s strict regimen won’t be enough to face a threat against the I-1 Club! Also, enjoy the low-quality animation!

On the other hand, it seems that Airi Hayashida is in a pinch that she can’t keep up with the rest of the girls. Heck, she might get cut to the group for her poor performance as Hayasaka made his assessment.

In any case, it’s gonna be a tipping point of Airi moving out or a disbandment of Wake Up, Girls! on the next episode. Seriously, how much more suffering will Yamakan give to the audience?

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