Log Horizon Episode #20

This episode is brought you by Krusty and his slasher smile! Y’know, he can a Burst Linker from Accel World just like Blue Knight. Then again, he’s just too batshit insane to fight like a real knight would!

Anyway, it’s time to revive Rundel Haus Code since his body didn’t disintegrate yet. If he does, it’s all over. Good thing they apply first-aid procedures in case of someone unconscious. In any case, they managed to wake Rudy up for 3 minutes.

Now that they temporarily revive Rudy, it’s time to make him alive permanently. But that would be a hard task unless Regan’s “Spirit Theory” is used.

Of course, given that Shiroe and Akatsuki know about “Spirit Theory” from Regan, it can be applied for adventurers only, right? No, it applies to everyone, from landers to monsters. Of course, landers will die if their body disintegrated while adventures and monsters will revive at some point.

Applying that theory, Shiroe comes up a magic that he haven’t tried it before until now…

…which involves a contract written by Shiroe himself. Okay, that’s the weirdest magic ever! How come Shiroe applies that theory into a piece of paper stolen from a certain Fairy King at Alfheim?

But come to think of it, I have a gut feeling that he’s trying to cast a world-class magic spell.

And I was right on that one! Shiroe did create a world-class magic in the form of a contract signed by Rudy, which officially designate him as an adventurer, and a member of the Log Horizon guild.

For some reason, I think it’s expected to happen if you watch the previews. But, it’s a good think that Shiroe’s first foray into world-class magic didn’t fail spectacularly for the first time.

Now that Rudy has become an adventurer, it’s time to return on destroying the Goblin King and his army on the next episode!

Oh wait, it’s already ended now that the adventurers finally crushed them. I’m hoping that Rudy didn’t lose some of his memories…

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  1. John Samuel says:

    …except that Rudy almost certainly DID lose some memories. Probably some of the childhood memories that Isuzu is expecting him to share…

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