Buddy Complex Episode #07

This is just three Couplers, Prof. Elvira Hill and her assistant Mayuka discussing about Coupling. Oh yeah, and the reason Dio can’t Coupling with Fromm is because he’s always getting used on connecting to Aoba. What was weird is that Dio’s empather sync rate is at 60% while Aoba got a 100%.

BTW, Lee Conrad is back and he’s ready to kick some ass again!

Anyways, it’s time for the Imperial Guard to strike them back once more!

Although Dolzief’s forces are confident that they can perform their entrapment successfully from last week’s episode, I’m sure that they could hit hard and stay longer in the fight, right?

Nope, Dolzief and his over-confidence of his army got the best of him and his men. Yeah, I guess they’re not strong enough to destroy the Cygnus crew! Try drinking more vodka next time- Oh wait, they’re finally defeated!

On the other hand, it seems that Gallant’s forces are back, having a brand-new assault carrier of their own instead of a submarine.

Then again, it seems that they’re just bluffing the Cygnus crew out and retreat, except for Hina… Well, she should have listened to Gallant’s orders, but she’s so goddamn stubborn that she’ll end up defecting to the Alliance thanks to Aoba on the next episode! In any case, let the tying of the time loop begins!

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