Seitokai Yakuindomo* Episode #07

It’s summertime in SYD, and the only way to cool yourself off is a nice dip at your nearest pool. In Ousai’s case, their own swimming pool.

BTW, don’t jerk off on the pool… It might smell of stinky squid! Oh, and let’s throw a gothic Suzu if you’re fond of watching Rozen Maiden.

Other than swimming and having fun in the sun (running naked doesn’t count), a great way to spend your summer is stargazing… More specifically, doing astronomy!

Of course, if you’re using your telescope for peeping girls, you’re just wasting your time. Oh, and using the telescope that represents how stiff is your penis? That’s up to you!

Oh yeah, there’s more Uomi on this episode… Man, I wish she has more screentime!

Then again, I think GoHands, Kodansha, and the author of Seitokai Yakuindomo should make a spinoff featuring Uomi and her school. A 15-minute mini series would be nice though!

For now, let’s end this post with a nice exchange of “stretching” by our two perverted presidents! Very “shounen” feel to it, GoHands!

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