Tokyo Ravens Episode #19

Kyouko, even though you made up with Natsume, it seems that you caught on Hurrtora’s stupidity by letting Takiko in to Onmyouji Academy and stage a fight with Natsume. Oh, and you revealed Natsume’s secret to her!

Oh boy, seems that Chief Kurahashi has to rethink on waking Yakou up now that Natsume’s real gender is out of the bag!

Other than spilling her real gender, it seems that Takiko Souma is revealed that she’s a princess. Of course, it doesn’t explain why she became one.

On the other hand, Takiko has two familiars in her side, one is Mutobe and the other is Shidou Dairenji (the one with the monocle). Come to think of it, Shidou’s family name is familiar to me… Lemme guess, he’s Suzuka’s father.

In any case, Takiko is ready to ruin Harutora and Natsume’s summer vacation on the next episode. I hope it’s for real this time!

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