Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren Episode #07

Let’s start this episode with Dekomori discovering that Nibutani is actually the “real” Mori Summer according to her old website!

Still, Dekomori won’t even believe a thing about it!

But anyways, it’s Yuuta and Rikka doing their lovey-dovey thing together… Nothing unusual will happen on this episode!

Okay, I lied about it! Stupid Satone “Sophia” Shichimiya, it’s not like you unexpectedly appear like it’s a coincidence… You’re just stalking him! Maybe you planted Yuuta some GPS thingy hidden on his uniform, don’t you?

Still, I think Sophia should graduate from being a Magical Devil Girl ’cause she’s in love with Yuuta. In “fourteen-sick” speak, it’s her love that Satone loses her powers and she should lose it that way! Yet for some reason, her powers got retained after transferring to another school.

In any case, “Sophia” Shichimiya ’cause it’s all her fault for splitting Yuuta and Rikka apart. As for these two, they continue where they left off even though they don’t have much time left.

Oh, and it’s Rikka birthday on this episode as evidenced by Yuuta handing over a brand-new parasol to Rikka.

So anyway, I’ll leave you with Rikka enjoying her brand-new Schwarzschild! Too bad that it’s colored green instead of black, but she doesn’t care…

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