Golden Time Episode #19

Well, it seems that Banri is going back to Tokyo after recovering his memories. But then again, I think he lost it…

Was Ghost Banri already given up and decided to end it all with a snap? Well, I think he’s not quite given up yet.

Still, at least Banri has the guts to have sex with Kouko. Good job there, Banri!

Then again, it seems that Kouko is screwing up on this special night. What a bummer there! But hey, Kouko is gonna do it anyway… or maybe not!

On the other hand, remember when Mitsuo is seen with Linda-sempai in Ep. 14? It turns out that he’s actually in love with Linda.

Of course, given that Banri and Linda are starting to get friendly after last week’s episode, Yana-san’s friendship with Banri is starting to fall apart when it happens!

For crying out loud Banri, your love with Linda-sempai should be over on the first half of Golden Time! Meeting Linda will bring unfortunate implication of your surroundings! Anyway, it’s on to the next episode…

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