Kill La Kill Episode #19

Well, it’s a bad day to have a rebellion… Satsuki got destroyed and captured, and Mako is assimilated by the COVERS! Oh, and Ryuko is too weak to fight that she run away after she got her heart back.

In any case, this episode will go for a 1-month time skip… ’cause it’s so much better than seeing Nudist Beach and the Elite Four run for their lives all the time!

But yes, they finally set aside their differences and become allies in the war against Life Fibers. Of course, it would be nice if Aikuro-sensei would cover his “hyper weapon” to Mrs. Mankanshoku. His weapon is severing family bonds and it must be concealed!

Also, this episode reveals that Isshin Matoi and Souichirou Kiryuin are both the same person, meaning that Ryuko is living with her real dad all the time… until he left her that is!

Anyways, their alliance have made some progress even though they’re outnumbered… by making a machine that sucks out the human host from the COVERS.

And look, Mako has returned! Just remember to put your Nudist Beach gear and fight!

On the other hand, Ryuko is back but she’s fully pissed that she’s being whiny like Haruto Tokushima from Valvrave, ’cause she’s a monster and she can’t wear Senketsu because of it! Dammit, looks like Ryuko finally lost her way!

In any case, I wish Senketsu will get a hold of Ryuko on the next episode… Y’know, Brightslapping her or something!

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  1. DataportDoll says:

    Dammit, looks like Ryuko finally lost her way!

    Nominated for Best Line xD

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