Magical Warfare Episode #07

Today’s episode is Valentine’s Day… Okay, it’s not Valentine’s Day, but at least it’s still February!

Oh, and it seems that Tsuganashi is starting to dote on his sister Mui. Please, I know you’re back from Subaru Magic Academy, but you’re making Mui embarrassed!

Anyways, this episode is where Takeshi goes into a nightmare… A beautiful nightmare by Mui, no less! Okay, I’m kidding about beautiful his nightmare is.

But the real reason why Takeshi having bad dreams is because of his sword, Twilight. In fact, she’s not only giving him nightmares, but this Saber-lookalike is sucking his magic dry!

So, he decides to fight it out of it… That’s the only way he could tame his magic sword! Then again, Takeshi could do other things like giving Twilight a name like Touwa and treat her like sort of a friend.

But anyways, Takeshi finally tamed his sword. And after that, he became a second-year! But that’s about it for this episode of Magical Warfare.

Unfortunately, Takeshi will be facing his younger brother soon… In fact, it is predicted that it will thanks to Twilight, so it’s gonna be a not-so-good reunion between brothers!

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  1. lealea477 says:

    “Takeshi finally tamed his sword” *smirks*

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