No-Rin Episode #07

A feast made with only the finest “rejected” vegetables? There’s nothing wrong with that, I mean it’s edible and doesn’t make you fat!

Of course, it’ll make you feel pudgy when you eat too much! So much for a healthy meal…

On the other hand, this episode contains some character development like Ringo the newbie farmer getting emotional over a sick crop, as well as other disasters such as rain and soil diseases.

Well, it happens all the time on a typical farm, but at least she’s not getting all whiny. In fact, this episode is a good way for Ringo (or Yukatan) to grow not only as a farmer, but as a person.

Well, you may thank Kousaku for helping you out, Ringo!

Anyways, it’s on to the next episode, but I don’t think Minori is the one who is sending Yukatan all of the veggies. You got the wrong person to thank for, Yuka- I mean, Ringo!

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