Sakura Trick Episode #07

Woah, you’re starting this episode with a kiss already? That’s too fast for me to handle…

Of course, I don’t think they should do it in public. Then again, it’s was just Shizuku and Kotone so it’s okay to show how much Haruka loves Yuu-chan!

Anyways, it’s time for the girls to hit at the pool on this episode. For all the acting and preparation on the school festival from Eps. 5 and 6, they deserve to have rest and relaxation!

Oh, and did I mention that this episode contains bouncing boobies? Well, there’s plenty for Pres. Mitsuki, Haruka, and Kotone, but that’s for the first half only!

Oh yes, there’s a new character introduced and this girl named Shinobu is actually Kotone’s little sister. Then again, she’s too jealous because Kotone is busy doting on Shizuku!

Still, Shinobu will only appear on this episode only and nothing else.

Anyway, let’s end this episode with Haruka buying a scarf for Yuu-chan. Y’know, she should have bought a long scarf for both of them!

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