Strike the Blood Episode #19

Oh look, it’s Yuuma and she’s back, but she’s still injured and supposed to stay at Mimori’s house to rest. Oh well, at least Yuuma’s here to help Kojou and make up for what she did to him on the last arc…

…by making Kojou suck her own blood. Man, I haven’t seen this for a while!

Oh, and make it double too thanks to Sayaka. Well, who needs painkillers when you have blood! BTW, Kojou gained a fourth familiar who is similar to Nalakuvera… But it’s more like a spider mixed with a lobster.

Anyways, it’s the finale of this fifth arc as Aya Tokoyogi finishing up her Dark Oath Grimoire experiment while making Yukina and Natsuki as her witnesses.

Oh, and to further explain how her experiment work? She’s going to remake the world in her own image by sucking up any magic from Itogami Island (this includes the island itself by the way) and channeling it to a small patch of land that is Saikai Academy. Just to correct on it, but Saikai Academy is where Kojou, Asagi, and other students studied there. Yeah, that’s their school!

But, thanks to Kojou’s fourth familiar Natra Cinereus, he can hold up the island using its mist. And also, Kojou and his harem arrived just in time to save both Yukina and Natsuki-chan.

Still, they’ll have to stop Aya… because she’s beyond insane for a witch, and a bad mother too!

On the other hand, it seems that Natsuki’s memories have returned as well as her void magic. Oh yeah, and Natsuki-chan has her own familiar to boot so she can yank Yuuma’s familiar out of Aya’s control.

In any case, it’s all over for Aya Tokoyogi and her experiment on changing the world! More importantly, all of the magic she stole have returned to its rightful place.

Sorry Aya Tokoyogi, but you have to return to the prison barrier. If you’re being a lovable mother to Yuuma, I would reconsider but it’s already too late for you…

Anyways, it’s the end of the fifth arc and they live happily ever after! Then again, that only applies to Yuuma. Seriously Kojou, Yukina is right… You shouldn’t let your guard down!

As for Yukina, why don’t you kiss Kojou already! Most of the girls kissed your Fourth Progenitor except for you, Yukina!

Now then, the final arc will begin on the next episode!

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