Wake Up, Girls! Episode #07

Seriously Tasuku Hayasaka, are you toying those girls by playing your mind games using a crane machine!? Dammit, you’re a trolling producer!

Still, the rest of the girls played it anyway while Leader Yoshino Nanase and Mayu Shimada are finding Airi Hayashida fast.

So, this episode is where both Yoppi and Mayushi trying to convince Airi to go back to WUG. Although it’s not gonna be easy since it takes a heart to steer Airi back to the group.

I have to say that it’s the most emotional episode yet. Sure, it’s Airi who steer Mayu back to idolhood in Ep. 1. But now, it’s Mayushi and Yoppi’s turn to help Ai-chan back on her feet.

Although it seems that it’s Yoppi who takes the initiative, which is a good thing since she’s doing her best not to leave someone behind.

Of course, Yoshino got so emotional on bringing Airi back that they both cried. Now that’s what I call leadership!

With that being said, Airi has returned. Of course, Hayasaka won’t even going to hesitate on dropping her again until she can keep up with the group and fight!

Meanwhile, the rest of Wake Up, Girls! got a plushie after after countless tries at the crane game. Congrats to those girls!

Anyways, the next episode will put WUG to even greater heights by joining the Idol Festival. Oh, and it’s Hayasaka who want WUG to participate, not President Tange nor Matsuda-san.

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