Log Horizon Episode #21

Well, it’s time for a party after a victory against the Goblin Army! Although the war against the Goblin King is not yet over, at least the relationship between adventurers and landers are closer than ever!

Oh yeah, and looks like adventurers can accept quests again… Yay! And BTW, Miss Isuzu will join Log Horizon because of Rundelhaus Code. Isn’t it great?

Anyway, it’s a breather episode where they’re celebrating their triumph over the Goblin Army. While the Round Table have established trade and peace treaties with the Eastal League of Freedom Cities, everything else is a-okay.

Of course, there are some adventurers who are very suspicious on how the Round Table are governing Akihabara, especially Shiroe who recently spread the rumor of how dying end up losing one’s memories. Yeah, as expected from the “villain in glasses”.

Speaking of Shiroe, he can brush it off with those detractors. But for those who wanted to kill him, good luck being bound by explosive thorns and get sent to the cathedral by Akatsuki!

On the other hand, there’s a new character introduced who might be a spy behind Shiroe’s back. Some say she’s from Minami, while others say she’s from Shibuya. But all I know is that she knows too much about him, and she might be his adversary.

Speaking of Minami, it’s going to be the next focus in future episodes. Unfortunately due to time constraints, Satelight might not tackle it. For now, it’s going to be an anime-original episode next week where Akihabara will host the Libra Festival.

As for this post, let’s end with Akatsuki dancing with Shiroe. Stupid Satelight, you should have animated their waltz!

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