Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #07

Well, I don’t know if Himiko will live or die after getting a musket wound, but damn this is like 50/50 chance of survival when watching this episode!

On the other hand, even though Nobukatsu dies, the Oda clan is still divided. Oh yeah, and Nobunaga still respects his own little brother.

So, Nobunaga (with Ranmaru) goes out to his castle to find answers on his brother’s death, as well as Himiko’s assassination attempt. Since the Eastern Star is in turbulent times, he visits Takeda’s domain and find out the culprit, which Shingen said that he didn’t do it ’cause it’s dishonorable.

But you know what, the only culprit I know who killed Nobukatsu is Mitsuhide. As for Himiko’s, it might be one of Nobukatsu’s supporters.

Now that Nobunaga knows the answer, he can’t leave Takeda’s camp easily. So, he decides to challenge Shingen on his own turf… and I have to say that it’s so awesome with a JAM Project song playing on the background!

Y’know, it’s inevitable that Nobunaga: The Fool will be in future installments of Super Robot Wars. In the end, Nobunaga Oda won the duel…

Unfortunately, Shingen Takeda got backstabbed by Julius Caesar. As far as I concerned, he fuckin’ ruined everything!

Gaius Julius Caesar, you one opportunistic son of a bitch, not even Takeda’s men didn’t see his betrayal! I’m not gonna put spoilers, but I hope he dies in a not-so honorable way!

Anyways, moving on…

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  1. DataportDoll says:

    This is demanding a “Curse your sudden and inevitable betrayal!”

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