Buddy Complex Episode #08

Let’s get started where Aoba and Hina are stuck in an island… alone! For some reason, it reminds me of Athrun meeting with Cagalli from Gundam SEED.

So, they’re stuck in an island during a storm, and while Aoba finally met Hina, she doesn’t remember anything from the first episode. Granted, it’s because she doesn’t met Aoba in the flesh yet until now, and she can’t do time-travel.

Other than that, their meeting is so tense… that’s until they’re caved in thanks to a landslide where both Hina and Aoba decided to work together and dig their way out.

They succeeded on getting out alive, but it’s time for both of them to go back to being enemies once they’re rescued by their respective sides.

But you know what, Aoba should get Hina and take her as an hostage. And yet, he didn’t do it ’cause it’s bad! No wonder you’re the worst Alliance soldier ever!

Anyways, on to the next episode… Oh, and Hina, take Aoba’s hairclip! You may be the enemy, but you’ll help Aoba someday!

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