Seitokai Yakuindomo* Episode #08

Well, summer is ending in the second season of Seitokai Yakuindomo… So, let’s make them up some time by going to a local beach and see a fireworks display at a festival. Oh, and after that, they’ll have to cram up with their homework!

BTW, remember this guy from Ep. 7 of Season 1? Well, he’s back…

…only to get raped by Yokoshima-sensei! Poor guy, I guess he lost his virginity.

In any case, they’re having a great time at the beach! Yeah, nothing lewd nor sexy will happen on this episode, barring fanservice…

Then again, masochism is fine too… for guys only. Go ahead and rub Tsuda’s back with your feet, Aria! Wait, this reminds me of Yozora “massaging” Sena back in Haganai.

Speaking of Aria, I finally saw of her mythical chastity belt. It’s kinda disappointing that I didn’t see the front of it! Maybe GoHands should take notes from ImoCho, another anime with a chastity belt!

Anyways, the next episode is the start of the second term. As for this post, I’ll end it with Shino and co. enjoying at a local summer festival.

Don’t forget to work on your homework, or you’ll get stuck in August forever!

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