Tokyo Ravens Episode #20

Oh look, it’s Hokuto! What is she doing here at Natsume’s house?

Oh wait, Natsume created Hokuto so she can focus on being a Yakou reincarnate while Hokuto interacts with Harutora. For some reason, lying isn’t gonna get her anywhere!

So, it’s time for the summer festival just like Ep. 1. Of course, Hurrtora and Natsume are spending their time together before going to the festival with their friends.

It’s gonna be a blast when they’ll watch fireworks and eat all sorts of food…

…but then, Takiko came to ruin everything ’cause she knew that Harutora is actually a reincarnated Yakou. Yes, the truth has finally revealed for those fanatics!

And yes, she brought the Raven’s Coat and give it back to Derptora. So yes, the Raven’s Coat is actually an armor infused with Yakou’s magical powers.

Nice try but you made Harutora into a berserker with no control over his own powers! Fuck you Takiko, you sure are a Yakou fanatic!

BTW, it seems that Suzu is actually trying to help them for some reason. I don’t know why she’s helping Harutora and his friends but alas, it was too late!

But anyways, Natsume finally saved him with a kiss. Of course, Suzuka did it first but it doesn’t matter!

Oh, and she finally tell Harutora the truth that she is Hokuto, but it seems that he knew it already.

In any case, Natsume died on this episode… Way to fuel my rage at Takiko, plus Chief Kurahashi and his minions from Onmyouji Agency.

Fuck you fanatics, you ruined their summer festival!

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