Golden Time Episode #20

Oh look, it’s those two girls from the tea club! I haven’t seen them after the first half of this anime.

Then again, I don’t think they’ll have more member on their club anytime soon…

So, with 4 episodes to go, the ending of Golden Time is fast approaching. Now, I don’t know if the author of Golden Time will end it or extend it, but let’s wait and see!

Anyways, Yana-san has volunteered to film the activities of the Festival Club for his club project, and also to get closer with Linda-sempai.

Although he’s doing great in filming, it seems that Mitsuo doesn’t get any chances on having a word on Linda. Oh my, I hope he’s not gonna get friendzoned just like last time.

On the other hand, it seems that Banri’s memories are returning, right until he fell of the bridge… and for some reason, he’s getting paranoid about it!

Seriously Banri, looks like you have some mental issues and you need to wear a straight jacket. Then again, it seems that Ghost Banri hasn’t given up just yet… or maybe he’s trying to merge his past with the present by force.

At this point, there’s a battle inside Banri’s mind and it’s very chaotic to watch. I hope that he’s not going suicidal when he learned that Linda didn’t love him. Oh wait, I hope Banri didn’t forget that gut-wrenching friendzone from Linda!

And by the way, Banri got a ring from his mother from Ep. 19. Let’s hope that he won’t lose that ring ’cause he’s going to give it to Kouko!

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