Magical Warfare Episode #08

Oh look, it seems that this episode introduces two characters joining Subaru Magical Academy. One is Futaba Ida, Kazumi’s little sister who was saved thanks to Takeshi Nanase.

The other one is… Well, you know him as the traitorous brother Gekkou Nanase. Still plotting on your vengeance behind your facade there, Gekkou?

On the other hand, it seems that Washizu is playing mind games on Takeshi by revealing the true nature of the Wizard Brace. Such an underhand move, but that’s how they roll!

However, it seems that they’re right regarding Wizard Brace. They’re greedy and powerful people trying to monopolize magic by themselves. Oh, and they use talented magicians as tools to protect themselves from opposing forces, all while killing weaker ones.

That’s why Kazuma Ryuusenji decided to rebel against the Wizard Brace by creating the Ghost Trailers. But seriously, making a world as gray as possible won’t even cut this anime from the rest. It could be worse than I’ve imagined. But that’s the history of the Ghost Trailers.

Oh, and let’s throw in regarding Takeshi’s mother, and the previous owner of the magical sword Twilight. It might be come as a surprise, but it’s not actually given that he (and his brother Gekkou) can wield it effortlessly… unless you can control your magic, that is.

In any case, Kazuma’s reawakening will happen soon… maybe in the penultimate episode!

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