Kill La Kill Episode #20

Oh Mako, I know that your “words of wisdom” has helped Ryuko gain back her senses, but I don’t think it’ll work this time!

But anyways, Ryuko decides to pay a visit to Ragyo at Honnouji Academy, not being cautious that it was a trap.

BTW, I think her theme song “Before my body is dry” won’t work on this situation!

Yup, it’s a trap set up by Ragyo and Harime! Oh, and it wasn’t enough, this episode reveals that Harime has Life Fibers completely stitched over her body, except that she was born from a Life Fiber cocoon. Well that’s so informative.

On the other hand, Satsuki has finally escaped and was rescued by her loyal and nude Elite Four. Unfortunately…

…she’ll have to face her sister Ryuko, now being brainwashed thanks to her old garment Junketsu! You got NTR’d there, Satsuki.

Oh well, she’ll pull up an NTR on Ryuko by wearing Senketsu. That’s fair play ’cause Satsuki need it to stop her on the next episode!

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