Log Horizon Episode #22

For some reason, not only Henrietta likes Akatsuki, but she’s going for Minori as well!

In any case, the Libra Festival is underway in Akihabara. Shiroe, you should go outside and smell the air of festivities and attractions!

Of course, it seems that Shiroe’s calm personality has broken down by two lovely guild girls, Minori and Akatsuki. Looks like the “villain in glasses” can’t handle intimate relationships!

Well, that’s a loss for Shiroe when it comes to dating management. He should have played dating sims beforehand… No wonder that his former guildmate Soujirou is good in handling women (just like Keima from TWGOK).

As for the girls, seems that Akatsuki is winning the battle. Maybe it’s just that she’s a little college student while Minori is a middle-schooler, which is not good for if paired up with Shiroe. You don’t want this strategist to get arrested for pedophilia.

In any case, this episode is going to be one hell of a WHITE ALBUM 2 flashback… Let’s hope that no one will get hurt in the war of love!

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