No-Rin Episode #08

Today’s episode is all about boobies… Worldwide boobies to fondle and suck them, like Yoshida!

BTW, W-Cup size breasts are not nice… They’re more like dead weight to me other than being impossible, unless if a woman can lift weights like Cattleya from Queen’s Blade! But then again, it’s not about boobies…

…it’s all about the melancholy of a 40-year old virgin named Becky-sensei! For some reason, she was booted out from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and decided to try gastronomy, which became a star student after graduation.

Unfortunately, she has some social issues and therefore stuck as a teacher at Tamo Agriculture High School. Then again, why the school board didn’t kick her out despite doing outrageous stunts like being a human sushi plate!? *facepalm*

Other than that, it’s just a normal day at Tamo Agriculture High School. Oh, and BTW, don’t try to call Ringo having a “washboard” chest. She might kill you!

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