Strike the Blood Episode #20

And that’s why Kojou can’t get away from Natsuki-chan… most of the time!

Anyway, this is the last arc of Strike the Blood. As you may know, Natsuki is back! Unfortunately, Yuuma is already gone. Maybe she went to Aldegyr, finding La Folia and get her back to Itogami Island!

So, the main antagonist for this arc is Kou Amatsuka. As you can see, half of his body is made of liquid metal, and he wants to capture Kanon Kanase and use her as a sacrifice to gain immortality.

But capturing Kanon alone won’t achieve his objective so he needs the power of Wiseman’s Blood, which is the equivalent to the famous Philosopher’s Stone.

Unfortunately, it seems that Kou Amatsuka is frickin’ crazy (like a certain Q-Vier from Valvrave) that he killed Asagi at the end of this episode.

Not a good way to start this final arc of Strike the Blood! Oh, and Kojou should have taken her blood before being slashed to her doom! Poor Asagi…

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  1. bunny1ov3r says:

    I am sure Asagi won’t actually die. Don’t worry.

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