Wake Up, Girls! Episode #08

Oh Hayasaka, ever since you came to their lives, you’re pushing WUG too hard to beat the I-1 Club. Are you training them hard from your amusement, or you’re doing it for the I-1 Club’s enjoyment?

Nevertheless, it’s Hell on Earth for Wake Up, Girls!

Meanwhile, Airi is trying her best to keep up with her mates instead of dragging them.

I’m not sure that she’s making her progress though with her silly moves, but let’s hope that Airi can surpass herself and not being booted out!

On the other hand, looks like Nanami Hisami is being conflicted of whether to pursue her dreams as a member of Hikarizuka Revue, or stay as an WUG idol.

Then again, she’s going for the former without discussing it among the girls. Please Nanami, try to think it further of your decision.

Finally, here’s something that would be problematic for Wake Up, Girls! as Yoshino Nanase and Mayu Shimada are in a heated argument because of I-1 Club. I mean, WUG will have to take on the biggest idol group in Japan and they can’t afford to break up!

Anyways, it’s on to the next episode… But unfortunately, it seems that next week will have to deal with Mayushi and her unresolved issues.

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