Buddy Complex Episode #09

Well Aoba, if only you can have Hina by yourself for a bit longer… Still, it was actually a good decision for Aoba to let Hina contact her mates so she can be rescued!

On the other hand, he feels so sulky that he let go of Hina for a while. And so, Dio becomes a jerk and started a fight against Aoba before being sent to the brig to cool themselves down.

But come to think of it, Dio has some daddy issues (plus being a siscon) and also it reminds me of Valvrave Ep. 22. Go figure, Sunrise!

BTW, this episode introduces some characters. One is Dr. Alessandro Fermi, the mastermind behind the Coupling system.

While Dr. Fermi discusses some aspects of the system, sadly he didn’t tell Aoba anything about going back to his timeline or other time-travelling topics. Well, seems that he’ll be joining with Liselotte in afterlife limbo.

The other one is the Zogilian scientist Dr. Wilheim Hahn, who knows some aspects of how the Coupling system works. Also, he sounded like Fuhrer Amadeus from Valvrave or Dio Brando for that matter.

But for some reason, every time Koyasu is in, it’s a hit-or-miss on every series he voiced regardless of his performance. And I have to say, Buddy Complex is gonna suck, just like Koyasu’s pet project which will not be discussed!

So, let’s end this episode with Special Secret Agent Margaret being cocky and arrogant just like Dolzief. And you though that the Coupling system will last for 300 seconds?

Think again before making assumptions, ’cause Dio and Aoba’s mecha just made a new record of 419 seconds. And it’s all thanks to their “waifu fight” earlier!

Unfortunately, Ms. Margaret will live instead of being killed. In any case, she’ll be replaced by Hina’s father. Oh boy, he’s going to spank his daughter for flirting the enemy!

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