Seitokai Yakuindomo* Episode #09

Hello guys and girls, do you remember Daimon-sensei back in Ep. 3 and 5? well, he’s going to appear on this episode…

Well in fact, he’s pretty much engaged with Michishita-sensei after confessing her back in Ep. 3.

So, Hata-san decided to ask for assistance from the student council, since she’s the only member of newspaper club as well as the club being understaffed…

And that’s how Ranko published their engagement with the help of Shino-chan and her staff. Let’s hope that Yokoshima-sensei won’t ruin everything…

Of course, I wonder if she successfully stole one of her male friends from someone else back in Season 1? Oh wait, Yokoshima-sensei can’t do it ’cause she maybe drunk at that time!

Meanwhile, this episode introduces a new character, other than having another appearance by Triple Booking. This girl is Furuya, the previous student council president of Ousai Academy.

As her name suggests, Furuya is an old-fashioned woman straight from the 80’s. Heck, she’s a hardcore user of the abacus, as well as hiding something under her bra. Yeah, she’s living the bubble economy dream (not to mention that Fumi Hirano is voicing this character).

Anyways, let’s end this post with a surprise appearance of Uomi-san! And BTW, she’s officially Tsuda’s distant cousin since their respective relatives are married.

Then again, Tsuda won’t be kissing her new cousin ever in his life. Sorry Uomi, but your incest plan is up in flames!

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