Tokyo Ravens Episode #21

“People die when they’re killed!” A message from Fate/Stay Night!

And that’s how Harutora is shell-shocked that Natsume died… Oh, and if he’s trying to revive her just like Suzuka from earlier episode, Hurrtora might screw this up!

Luckily, Shidou Dairenji is here to help Hurrtora… at the cost of his freedom. Gee, isn’t he shady? Fuck you Shidou, it’s your fault as well and you must disappear!

So, the next episode will have Hurrtora’s friends (Touji, Tenma, Suzuka, and Kyouko) storming the Onmyouji Agency in order to save Harutora from Chief Kurahashi and Shidou’s molestation… You know, they’re so gay at Yakou that they’re *ahem* touching themselves while saying his name. Bastards!

Oh, and Ootomo-sensei is joining too (with the help of Douman), but of course he has to punish his former student Kagami… Y’know, he caused his familiar Shaver to go crazy!

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