Golden Time Episode #21

Oh hello there, Oka-chan! Why are you so gloomy? Was it that you finally realize that you love Mitsuo, but he can’t ’cause he’s dating Linda-sempai? All I can say is, just go ahead and say how you feel or you might regret it!

In any case, it’s starting to fall apart on Golden Time…

And it’s getting worse with Banri having those memories returning, replacing his current life that agonize him at every moment. Ghost Banri, you shouldn’t have done this!

But then again, the only thing that can solve it is having a slap by Nana-sempai. And you thought that I’m going to say Brightslap, right? Nope, this ain’t a Sunrise show, it’s a J.C.Staff anime series!

Still, I don’t think slapping Banri in the face is the best solution. It could get worse!

Oh, and it gets worse from there ’cause Kouko decided to burn bridges with Banri, realizing that she’s being an obstacle to Banri’s recovery.

But on the contrary, cutting ties with Banri won’t solve the problem! Gee Kouko-chan, you’re making it complicated… Just don’t get any regrets on dissing him out!

Anyways, I need to guys and girls to pray that the Golden Time novel series will end next week. All I can say is finish this series!

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