Kill La Kill Episode #21

Hey guys, it’s Ryuko vs Satsuki Part 3… Except that Satsuki is at a disadvantage!

Oh, and she’s baiting her little sister so that her Elite Four can suck Junketsu out. It doesn’t work by the way ’cause Junketsu is mind-raping Ryuko, fully stitching from head to toe without loose threads!

Also, that goddamn Harime just ruin their plan… No wonder she wants the fun all by herself!

So, the only last resort was Satsuki prying Junketsu out of Ryuko’s body by force…

…which is then followed by Mako and Senketsu penetrating deep inside Ryuko’s mind.

However, will Mako and Senketsu’s words of wisdom can fully save Ryuko? Also, even though both of them successfully saved Ryuko, removing Junketsu is close to impossible ’cause she might die when removing it by force!

Then again, who needs to get restrained by Junketsu when Ryuko can tear it apart and get splattered in her own blood!

All I can say is that this episode escalated quickly. Looks like Ragyo and Nui didn’t molest Ryuko enough! Anyways, Ryuko is back!

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