Sakura Trick Episode #09

Oh look, it’s a New Year’s Day episode where Haruka and Yuu-chan are getting better when they’re together! Of course, there’s one thing that bothers me is Mitsuki-kaichou.

C’mon, you have 3 months left if you want your feelings out to Haruka!

Then again, I think Mitsuki is procrastinating (or shy) after accidentally kissed Haruka on the forehead!

Poor Mitsuki-kaichou, just say how you feel or you might regret it! *facepalm* Oh, and kiss her on the lips next time… A French one too!

But anyways, I’ll be missing President Mitsuki when this show ends. But for now, let’s end with Yuzu and Kaede riding in tandem on a scooter. BTW, that’s illegal, and I’m disappointed that Yuzu’s scooter didn’t fly just like in the opening!

But hey, at least they’re almost caught Yuu and Haruka making out. Ohohohoho, find a better place to hide next time!

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