Wake Up, Girls! Episode #09

Hello guys and girls, today’s episode will have a training camp for WUG… Although it seems that their destination is a little bit barren!

But you know what, the place isn’t important because what’s important is teamwork and determination!

In any case, this episode is going to be important now that the idol group has become one at this point. First off is a heart-to-heart talk between Kaya Kikuma and Mayu Shimada, where they discussed their lives before joining Wake Up, Girls! Well, it’s about time that Kaya’s time to shine for this episode!

For Kaya, her reason for joining the group is to become stronger and not backing out on a whim, other than being hesitated on coming back to her hometown due to losing someone important in her life. Gotta say that I have respect for Kaya’s determination to stand up with her two feet after suffering a tragedy.

Meanwhile, Mayushi’s reason is the most important one when watching this episode. It all comes down to the strict rules of the AKB48-expy I-1 Club, which is why Mayushi was fired and her parents got divorced.

I have to admit that while having intimate relationship outside the group is forbidden, I think the notion of the management snooping and restricting their private life is ridiculous, far more than AKB48. After all, not all girls are perfect and I’ve seen some scandals from AKB48 back in 2012 such as Minami Minegishi. But unlike AKB48 where they give girls some second chances, seems that Shiraki’s I-1 Club don’t give a damn about it since he consider them as expendables.

Finally, after reconsidering her dream of taking the audition at Hikarizuka Revue, Nanami Hisami decides to hold it for a while until then. A good choice from her since they’re forming a tightly-knitted group!

Now that is done, I guess it’s time to work on Ai-chan since she needs some catch-up.

For now, let’s leave them for some cool-off until the Idol Festival. Ganbappe, WUG!

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