Buddy Complex Episode #10

NOTE: They drank wine instead of vodka after this intro (except for Hina)!

And there he is, Papa Ryazan arrives to help his daughter Hina and Alfried Gallant on an espionage mission: To capture both Luxon and Braydon while destroying Hawaii along its wake!

In any case, Papa Ryazan will accomplish his job for Zogilia… unless he was found dead on the next episode or two, which would affect Hina, as well as Bizon! Oh, and don’t give Dr. Hahn sympathy. He’s a smug just like Dr. Nobuyuki Sugou!

So anyway, this is a breather episode where the Cygnus crew gets some rest and relaxation after Dr. Fermi’s death at a base in Hawaii. Since they’re in Hawaii, expect Aoba meeting Hina ala Gundam SEED in later episodes.

And BTW, they’re still bickering like idiots despite being cooperative over time!

Also, this episode is special for Dio ’cause he is talking to his father during lunch. Obviously, it’s an awkward chat where Mr. Junyou is insisting that Dio should quit the military, yet he appreciate that his son has the guts to come to the table and talk. What is this, a tsundere dad? Maybe!

Anyways, three episodes to go and Papa Ryazan’s infiltration plan commences on the next episode. Oh, and if Buddy Complex will have a second season, I’ll be glad to move this show to the 2014 Anime Season… if it airs within this year!

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