Nobunaga: The Fool Episode #09

Oh Himiko, I don’t think your cooking might make Nobunaga stronger… You might end up killing him, all while letting those Nobukatsu supporters feel rejoice!

On this episode, Kenshin Uesugi has taken action by siding one of the most vile opportunist from the Star of the West…

Well, you know him as Gaius Julius Caesar. And yes, Uesugi is aware that Caesar can stab him in the back and take names. Be careful out there if don’t want get beaten just like your rival Shingen Takeda!

Meanwhile, Nobunaga prepares to take his clan into war. But first, he’s going to train Ranmaru how to pilot her own War Armor called Orléans…

…by letting her catch his arrow head-on without flinching or dodging. Sounds hardcore, but that’s how you make a stronger resolve on protecting someone like Nobunaga!

Then again, it seems that King Arthur felt Jeanne’s presence after activating her Regalia, urging him and his fellow knights to kill her and invade the Star of the East. What can I say, this warring period is going to get fierce once the Round Table is involved!

Anyways, Ranmaru is ready to kick some ass, Nobunaga successfully unite his clan, and all is set for battle against the Caesar-Uesugi alliance on the next episode! And BTW, if you’re expecting either Mitsuhide or Hideyoshi to have their personal War Armor, don’t worry ’cause Da Vinci can make them in the future.

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