Saki: Zenkoku-hen Episode #09

Remember what I said that Nodoka will be on the offensive? Well it turns out, she did nothing to get back into first place…

Instead, Hatsumi dragged her and the rest to the gates of hell with her explosive play, thus bringing Eisui to third place at the expense of Miyamori. Man, what a bummer!

But anyways, the fourth players’ match is done and it’s time for the fifth players’ match! As always, look forward for Saki doing something incredible and take Kiyosumi back into 1st place.

As for Himematsu, it’s all come down to Kyouko Suehara, defending her spot from the rest. BTW, she’s doing quick plays to get more points so that Himematsu High School can stay to 1st place for obvious reasons…

That is, until Kyouko declared riichi which is then followed by Toyone Anetai’s chase play. Oh, and don’t try to get away if you declared riichi ’cause Toyone can strangle you from behind and sap your points away.

I guess that explains Toyone being tall and having dull eyes that stares into your soul! She’s the embodiment of a stalker, ready to strangle anyone!

With four episodes to go, let’s see how it plays out in the fifth players’ tournament next week!

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