Yuusha ni Narenakatta Ore wa Shibushibu Shuushoku o Ketsui Shimashita Episode #13

NOTE: Yu-Sibu is better aired uncensored on AT-X. But no, you have to wait for BDs!

Anyways, it’s back to normal for both Raul and Fino, all while the Amada group cleaning their hands ’cause they failed to awaken the demon lord. Fuck you Amada Group, Maou-san and the main protagonists from Maoyuu will obliterate you for profiteering war!

In any case, let’s start this special episode…

And let’s begin with Raul’s little sister, who don’t realized that her big brother ins’t a hero. Oh, and even if he becomes one, I don’t think she would idolize Raul given that he might lose Fino and forced to kill her, causing post-traumatic stress disorder!

Oh yes, about her name… She’s Miuri! But anyways, Raul is going to take some time-off, pretending to be a hero for Miuri in a hot springs. Wow, that’s so awkward to have it as a base for a demon lord. The only secret base I know is McRonalds from Hataraku Maou-sama!

Now then, let’s start their journey of defeating the demon lord by playing a set of party games, starting with Lore and the sand bath of hell! BTW, if you see “hell” placed in on of the signboards, it’s either they’re lazy or they want you to join a drinking game!

But yes, it’s Raul doing his heroic deed to save Nova from Lore’s mind games…

…until the demon lord Fino screws it. Well, that was quick and that was stupid for Fino’s part. Oh look, nipple snip! Good job there Asread, but I still hate you for not airing it uncensored!

After the first obstacle conquered, Raul and Miuri move forward to save the princess. Of course, this is followed by Raul’s friends at the Leon store, including Lam-chan and Erza at Lawson, setting up hellish challenges to make it more exciting!

And yes, this includes shredding clothes as Airi demonstrates. For crying out loud All A, why not wear some bulky clothing next time instead of loose armor!

Finally, Raul managed to find the princess (who is actually Manager Seara) and he’s about to save her when this giant plant monster appears to destroy our hero once and for all. Oh, and that plant took Miuri away as well as Raul’s co-workers…

…including Fino, the terrible demon lord who can’t control her minions and instead being taken hostage! Still, she has to live with a deducted salary since Fino screwed up on buying a monster.

In the end, Raul finally defeat the plant abomination and this whole charade is over! Of course, he didn’t do this “hero” act alone…

…it was all thanks to Miuri who still believes that Raul is a hero, no matter what they say. Oh yes, and she has magical powers to support her brother, but I don’t think Miuri will be an important character later on.

Anyways, that would be it for Yu-Sibu. And BTW, don’t get your hopes up that this show might have another season!

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