Tokyo Ravens Episode #22

Douman teaming up with Ootomo-sensei… What could possibly go wrong?

In any case, they’re going to crash Chief Kurahashi’s party and bust Hurrtora out of the compound!

Well, that was the plan, but instead they’ll have to deal with Kurahashi’s cronies first and make a riot, all while letting Harutora’s friends do the finding!

Meanwhile, Chief Genji is making a proposition to Harutora on making an alliance in exchange of reviving Natsume. After all, their families are close allies, and he’s desperately wanted to save her in time!

Not until Kon shows up where she tells her master not to listen to them and instead do the reviving by himself. Oh, and Natsume won’t be happy if they revived her!

But anyways Hurrtora, you are a reincarnated Yakou and you can revive Natsume by yourself ’cause both Genji Kurahashi and Shidou Dairenji are scumbags. Oh, and they won’t even revive your friend if you accept their proposition.

In any case, Harutora rejected Genji’s offer and decided to get out of the office. Unfortunately, he can’t get out easily…

Not until Hurrtora’s friends find him at last and they’re about to bail him out!

Well Mr. Dairenji, I hope your body is ready for some awful beating next week! Then again, he’ll just shrug it off like it’s nothing!

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