Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren Episode #10

Well, that confirms that Satone is losing her Magical Devil Girl powers. In other words, she has fallen in love with Yuuta!

That’s sucks for you Sophia, you made Rikka stronger while you became weaker!

But anyways, she decides to put up a brave face, while wearing a cute yukata, and decides to fight her latest battle yet. And that’s herself, fighting in the center of the mind!

Yes, she’s going to confront her plain persona who falls in love with the Hero, and obliterate it with the power of the Magical Devil Girl. Unfortunately…

…she lost the fight, and now Sophia is crying in the rain!

Oh, and the reason she lost the battle is because Yuuta is there, trying to be a gentleman by giving an umbrella to Satone. Well, that’s a good thing to do but you forgot something important…

You forgot about your girlfriend Rikka, drenching in the rain and soaking her black-colored battle armor wet! Some gentleman you are!

Anyways, it’s two episodes to go… And I’m thinking that Rikka is winning the fight on love!

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