Golden Time Episode #22

“If you don’t act like a man, I’ll strangle you to death!”

Unfortunately for him, he’s not going to man-up and try to convince Kouko about their relationship, ’cause it’s all over!

Yes, she has gone back to being a bitch from earlier episodes… And now, Kouko-chan wants to disappear as well and coop up to her bedroom. Gee Kouko, you’re not only hurting Banri but you’re isolating yourself further that I’ve imagined!

As for Banri, not only his memories are returning, but getting more dazed and confused of his identity, let alone disappearing his current self for the old one!

Oh, and he got into a fight with Linda-sempai, another problematic girl where she finally show regrets of how she wanted to see Banri before the accident, telling him the answer he’s waiting for. By the way, Kosshi-sempai is there but he can’t do about stopping both of them. And for Mitsuo, I think he’s going to become involve further in Banri’s mess now that he learned the truth about his friend’s identity issues.

Come to think of it, this episode is pretty good actually that it doesn’t feel rushed, yet it doesn’t beat around the bush in regards to plot advancement. Well, it’s a relief that they’re making a climax I’ve been waiting for!

I don’t want to point fingers at somebody regarding this mess anymore, but I still wanna blame that Ghost Banri for not returning his memories sooner so he could know the answer and move on. Then again, it looks like it’s in the past now that Banri’s memories have returned, but he’s still struggling with his identity.

Anyways, seems that it’s gonna be one drama storm for the final two episodes! As for the novel, it’s confirmed that it’s already ended on March 8, 2013. Looks like history repeats itself for J.C.Staff, just like Toradora!

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