Sakura Trick Episode #10

And now, let’s begin this episode with Shizuku and Haruka flocking around the snowy campus! Well, it’s Winter already in Sakura Trick and it seems that Mitsuki will be graduating soon. Oh, and there are plans that Kaede will become the next student council president.

But for now, let’s enjoy those sweet moments with two episodes to go…

Oh, and as for Shizuku-chan and Kotone, they still have time to gather more memories as they become sophomores next year.

I have to admit that I like how Studio DEEN put some screen-time on the second yuri couple, but it’s sad that Kotone will be married off with some unknown guy someday… Why Japanese same-sex couples can’t have nice things like marriage?

On the other hand, the main couple still continuing their relationship, even when Haruka is locked in while Yuu-chan is trying to save her “more than best friend”.

Then again, I think they’re close being found out about their relationship. Gee Haruka, you shouldn’t kiss Yuu-chan while being saved!

Oh, and it seems that Kaede, the future president, is suspecting that Haruka and Yuu-chan is secretly going out together… Maybe!

Okay, enough with the “maybe” already ’cause Kaede is having a hunch regarding their activities since she almost found out last week, all while Yuzu-chan act like a fool as if she said “There’s no way they could that!” and the like! In any case, let’s wait and see on the next episode.

P.S.: Please Mitsuki-kaichou, just tell how you feel for Haruka while you have the chance!

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