Kill La Kill Episode #22

Nui Harime… I totally forgot about her after almost ruining Satsuki’s plan to take Ryuko back. Now, she got Ryuko’s Scissor Blade, which means it spells doom for everyone.

Then again, Ryuko doesn’t give a fuck on Nui so bitch please, she’s back wearing her Sunday special Senketsu…

…and she got both Scissor Blades. Looks like the joke’s on you, Nui!

And look, Ryuko made a fountain of blood out of Nui’s arms. Not even blackening will cover those nasty bits!

In any case, Ryuko has returned and chopped both Nui’s arms using her Scissor Blades. Unfortunately, this make her pretty mad now that she can’t grow it back. Now, she’s using her mouth to sew the last pieces of Ragyo’s final weapon…

…but that’s okay ’cause Ryuko is not alone. She’s going to team-up her sister Satsuki and they’ll stop her hysterical mother from turning Earth into a giant Vespane Gas deposit!

You don’t want those Life Fibers depleting Earth’s human resources and exploding the planet.

Anyways, Ragyo is busy moving her original Life Fiber into Honnouji Academy, so she sends a giant Covers for Nudist Beach to play it on the next episode.

Not sure if they could beat that Cover, but I have a hunch that they can “believe Ryuko and Satsuki who believes in them” and fight, just like Dai-Gurren!

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